Shameful reaction to Durant injury

I didn’t want to weigh in on the Kevin Durant injury but cannot hold back anymore.

It’s a shame. Not what happened to him because as an athlete, especially an athlete coming back from a serious injury, he had to know there was a greater risk of getting hurt. There is a risk for all athletes every time they walk onto the field, skate onto the ice, or take the court.

No, the shame is the reaction to the injury.

It’s a shame Toronto Raptors fans started cheering. If there is any reason for that team to not win a championship, it’s the karmic retribution created by a disgusting display of “fandom.”

It’s also a shame that people are referring to him like he died on the court after engaging in a battle of life or death against an army trying to destroy part of a civilization. His General Manager said after the injury “he’s one of the most misunderstood people. He’s a good teammate, he’s a good person. It’s not fair. I’m lucky to know him.”

Pardon my insensitivity for a moment, but he got hurt in the line of work, so to speak, but wasn’t shot while minding his own business (Not like David Ortiz who was simply sitting at a club when he was shot and nearly killed). Durant will walk again and there was no threat he would lose his life.

He’s likely still going to be a good person, a good teammate, and a hell of a player when he recovers. But, and this is where our priorities go south quickly here, the talk quickly went to how much money the injury might cost him. As someone who has made tens of millions of dollars already, I’m pretty sure Durant is going to be alright.

His perspective should be that very few people get the chance to be a professional athlete, so he should be thankful he received the talent he has to do so for as long already.

He’s a talent, but his talent doesn’t transcend his sport. Durant is a payoff player. He left Oklahoma City, to get two championships with the Warriors. Chances are he was going to leave Golden State after the season to chase a title somewhere else and with “his own” team.

David Ortiz was an example of someone who transcended his sport. He was a clutch player who could will his team to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds (just ask the Yankees), and was strong enough to carry the emotion of a community on his broad shoulders as well. Remember after the Boston Bombing when he screamed “this is our f***in’ city” as a sign of solidarity? Players who transcend their sports aren’t afraid to speak up.

Durant is not one of those players. He’s plays a sport at an elite level and leaves it on the court. Ortiz, on the other hand, played at an elite level and then shared his emotions with the fans. They loved him for it.

To think the sports world almost lost someone like that is a shame. To minimize what happened to him for the sake of the potential paycheck of a player who is in it only for himself is shameful.

Where’s the perspective?


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6 thoughts on “Shameful reaction to Durant injury

  1. Great perspective. It’s hard to feel too much sympathy for a highly paid professional athlete who gets hurt going for gold. However, sometimes one has to appreciate an athlete who is just that. People have the tendency to always want more from athletes. Sometimes it’s nice when an athlete just stays in their lane. Sports are a pleasant distraction. And, sometimes you just want it to be about the game.

  2. I know I am a Raptors fan but just defending Canadians. It was just an initial reaction from a small crowd and they stop right away and they gave a standing ovation and were clapping and shouting KD, KD, KD… Apologies and flowers were sent to KD from a raptors fan. Fans did the same thing with Kawhi 2 years ago. Canadians are very respectful people. I guess we just have to get over it and move on. No doubt about it the warriors have the best players in the NBA but it was the opportunity for the Raptors. We don’t want any players to be hurt. Sportsmanship… Thanks.

    1. Also in my opinion media is making it a big deal coz’ KD is KD a big shot but do you think if it was not KD just another player it will be such a huge issue? I don’t think so. This is just a game. We all have to move on regardless winner or loser. And also just to mention the referees we very biased. The NBA even sent apologies in game 5 for not calling a foul to Cousins in the last 49 seconds. It should have been 2 free throws for Gasol. So just voicing out my opinion. In all fairness…

      1. Thanks for your opinion! I appreciate it. You are so right that if it was any other player, it would bot have such a BIG deal. Even when Klay was hurt, the reaction wasn’t as overly dramatic. It is just a game and injury is part of the risk!

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