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*This blog was first posted March 2.

It seemed like all was right with the sports world as Tiger Woods made yet another run for yet another win to add to his resume.
Despite falling a stroke short, Woods’ effort provided some much needed drama on the golf course, and provided some highly missed ratings for the network.
His effort even raised the topic of whether Tiger is officially “back.”
The answer is a resounding “yes,” just not in the way the experts would like you to think.
They said he appeared to be back because he was playing at a high level.
Others said we’ll know he’s back when he overcomes the pressure to close out on a weekend.
They’ll follow it up by adding Tiger Woods never lost when he entered the final day of a tournament either in the lead, or within one stroke.
What they won’t say is they don’t know what they are talking about.
Maybe I don’t either, but Tiger seeming to “be back” has less to do with his God-given talent as it does his mind.
Just to go off track for a moment, Tiger didn’t fall to the pressure. He’s been in tournaments where the pressure was much higher, with much more at stake.
This was nothing.
Tiger will always be Tiger, the one with 79 career wins.
I am talking about the Tiger who needed to lose it all, so to speak, to overcome his failings and battle back from the bottom.
You see, Tiger never had to worry about losing.
He’s always, seemingly, been at the top.
Until he wasn’t.
It all came apart when his affairs became public, his public divorce, and his public battle with physical problems that limited him to just 29 tournaments since his last win in 2013.
That’s a lot of bad press for someone who learned this weekend that everyone wants to root for him and remembers when he was so good.
But Tiger talked as if he was the lucky underdog, which shows humility.
Tiger talked about how he had “some good things to build upon” but not once did he say he felt like he was back at the top.
Humility can be a good thing.
After Tiger had his most recent surgery, Tiger did something most celebrities find difficult to do, he went away.
He stayed quiet, minded his own business, and seemed to have gotten not only his body, but his mind, right.
It reminds me of another celebrity who did the same thing with great results.
In the 1980’s no one was more famous than John Travolta.
He starred in Grease and Saturday Night Fever.
But then he only found himself getting roles in the Look Who’s Talking movies.
Talk about humble pie for someone of his stature.
Then he disappeared and came back in that little movie called Pulp Fiction and he was back, but a little more well rounded, and more appreciative of his place among the famous.
Maybe Tiger’s comeback will make him appreciate what he had earlier in his career and allow him to make headlines for all of the right reasons once again.
Time will tell.
But it’s not too early to put out the warning to other golfers.
Beware of Tiger.

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